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      BLOG — Natural High

      No Black Friday

      No Black Friday

      No Black Friday sales This time??

      Read here why.

      It’s been a crazy ride this year. We all had to find our way during this pandemic. Here at Natural High we were very lucky, that we and nearly all of you were still able to go outside and do what we love most “spending time on the water” . But we also had to close our facilities and restaurant for the second time now.

      Therefore, we think Black Friday and selling extra cheap does not fit in at the moment. We always strive to give everybody a good deal, suprise you where we can with the best service possible all year round. This time we would rather like you to spend some of your money at your local restaurant on Friday the 27th for a nice take-away. So that we all look after each other.

      Coming months, we are more or less stuck at home. No last-minute escape to a tropical destination with perfect winds or waves. We kind off have to adapt to surf-at-your-local-spot this winter and see what that has to offer. We do really hope to see all of you going out on those colder days. So make yourself winter ready and appreciate what you have nearby.


      To help you out our shop stays open 7 days a week and we run an extra winter school program.

      Read more about our winter program here

      See you on the water so we can share the stoke together 🤙