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      Slingshot Kiteboarding

      At Natural High we know all the ins and outs about every single Slingshot kite. We’ve been working with Slingshot for over a decade now and test every kite, board or foil we display in our shop. With our expertise, we always manage to find the type of Slingshot gear that fits the best into your style of riding. It's always possible to test all the latest gear Slingshot has to offer, this will make it easier for you to make the right choice. Also when it comes to used Slingshot kite gear, you could visit our shop or look at our used gear page to see if there’s some used Slingshot gear for you.

      Slingshot Rally GT V2 Slingshot Rally GT V2 - 30%
      From €780.00 €1,117.64
      Slingshot Slingwing V2 Slingshot Slingwing V2 - 35%
      From €490.75 €755.00
      Slingshot Ghost V1 2020 Slingshot Ghost V1 2020 - 30%
      From €645.00 €925.00
      Slingshot UFO v1 Slingshot UFO v1 - 44%
      From €499.00 €899.00
      Slingshot RPX V1 Slingshot RPX V1 - 30%
      From €758.10 €1,083.00
      Slingshot Dart V1 Slingshot Dart V1 - 2%
      From €809.00 €829.00
      Formula V1 - 25%
      €749.25 €999.00
      Slingshot SST V6 Slingshot SST V6 - 30%
      From €760.00 €1,085.00