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      F-ONE Kiteboarding

      Driven by passion, is the correct way to describe F-ONE. By doing the necessary research and listening to the feedback they get, they're striving to bring the best Kite or foil every year. At Natural High we believe in their passion and hard work. 

      F-ONE kite and foils at Surfshop Natural High

      After working over a decade closely with F-ONE, we can honestly say that we know every little detail about F-ONE kite's. In order to give you to best possible advice on your riding needs, we've tested every kite we've got on stock. Kiting on a budget? no worries, plenty of used F-ONE kites available for purchase. We're also here to help you on your way, when in doubt give us a call or email us!

      F-one Bullit F-one Bullit
      From €1,325.00
      F-one Bandit S2 F-one Bandit S2
      From €1,199.00
      F-one Bandit 2021 F-one Bandit 2021
      From €1,349.00
      F-one Bandit Set Sold Out
      From €1,925.00 €2,553.95
      F-one Magnet
      F-one Breeze V3 F-one Breeze V3
      From €1,125.00
      F-one Rocket Wing V2
      From €1,249.00
      F-one Rocket SW
      F-one Rocket Air F-one Rocket Air
      From €679.00
      F-one Wingsurf set - 15%
      From €3,225.00 €3,798.00
      F-one Slice Flex 2020 F-one Slice Flex 2020 - 25%
      €824.25 €1,099.00
      F-One Bandit 12 F-One Bandit 12Sold Out
      From €599.40 €999.00