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      When it comes to kitesurfing, Surfshop Natural High has got everything you need for finding or upgrading your kitesurfing quiver. With brands like Slingshot, F-one  and Core kiteboarding we’re sure that we've got something that fits perfectly into your needs. Everything is on stock and ready to be shipped worldwide. Not sure about the choice you’re going to make? Check our testing possibilities, or just mail or call us! 
      Slingshot SST V5 Slingshot SST V5
      From €1,020.00
      F-one Trax ESL 2020 Sold Out
      From €340.00 €425.00
      F-one Breeze F-one Breeze - 40%
      From €816.00 €1,360.00
      Manera Union Waist Harness Manera Union Waist Harness - 40%
      From €119.40 €199.00
      Mystic Star Surf Mystic Star Surf
      From €64.99
      North Prime North Prime - 30%
      From €349.30 €499.00
      North Pulse North Pulse - 25%
      From €816.75 €1,089.00