We at Surfshop Natural High believe that when you buy used gear, you should know exactly what you have purchased and feel 100% confident to start riding with your gear directly! For that reason, we created the Surfshop Natural High Gear Check - a 5 Star Rating.



Gear is in perfect condition and as good as new.


Gear has been used but is in great condition.


Gear is in good condition, this type of used gear shows some more evidence of use and has more wear and tear on it but still a perspective on a long life.


Gear is in used condition but ready to ride. Perfect for beginners to practice with.

Gear with not a long lifespan, but good to start with and learn.

high service by surfers

We ride everything we sell, so we know every little detail about our products.


Try before you buy. We have all the latest gear available for testing.


We are located at the biggest kite & wingfoil spot of Europe.

repair service

Did you break something?
We are happy to help you out!