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Lib Tech Surfboards

What lib tech claims, is that their boards are "difficult to ding". Their construction is so strong that it is almost impossible to break or damage the boards. So basically you can buy a lib tech surfboard, surf it for 5 years and if you want something else, you will still be able to re-sell it. Some of the shapes in the Lib tech collection are shaped by Lib tech. But most of them are from Matt Biolos from Lost surfboards. 

The Collective energy of 30+ years board building and riding, is what makes Lib Tech the state of the art brand we come to love. Lib Tech changed everything you know about surfboards, each of the 31 pieces used to craft their surfboards are new materials to the surf industry. Lib Tech likes to focus on high performances and environmentally friendly. Lib Tech sure is heading the right way.

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