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      Kiteboard are to be found in the collection beneath. We've got boards from F-one, Slingshot, Appletree, North Kiteboarding, Lieuwe boards and we can also deliver Carved boards. Not sure of which boatd fits your needs? Please get in touch with us or pas by at the Brouwersdam to try some boards before you buy.


      F-one Shadow
      F-one WTF!? 2020
      From €590.00
      F-one Magnet
      F-one Trax 2021 F-one Trax 2021
      From €495.00
      Airush Switch Airush SwitchSold Out
      €329.00 €470.00
      F-one Mitu Pro Flex 2020 F-one Mitu Pro Flex 2020 - 30%
      €787.50 €1,125.00
      F-one Slice Flex 2020 F-one Slice Flex 2020Sold Out
      €714.35 €1,099.00
      Airush Apex Airush ApexSold Out
      €357.00 €510.00
      Firewire Vader Helium Firewire Vader HeliumSold Out
      From €692.30 €989.00
      North Flare North Flare - 35%
      From €421.85 €649.00
      North Prime North PrimeSold Out
      From €324.35 €499.00