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F-one Foil

F-one has always been at the beginning of all the watersports we do in our Surfshop. F-one was founded (and stiil is owned) by Raphael Salles (a former olympic windsurfer) in 1994 when the first kiteboarding crafts were invented. He is still a passionate waterman and in the development team working hard to give the rider the best experience on the water. 

When foiling started to get more populair, F-one was one of the first brands to have gear available for every level of rider. They've made the foiling sports accessible to everyone. First with their IC6 kite-foils which were perfect for people that wanted to get info kitefoiling. 

F-one pioneered in the wingfoiling too with the F-one Swing. This was one of the first wings in our shop that made us believe in this sport. Right now F-one is still one of the bigger foiling brands in our store. We offer the full collection. 

F-one strives to be the best in every sport that they are doing. Kitesurfing, Wingfoiling, Foiling, SUP DW foiling. We at Surfshop Natural High are always very stoked to see F-one's new products being launched and arriving in our shop.

F-one always manages to surprise us with something new or revolutionary. We really feel the passion in the products from F-one and that is why we have been working together for a long time. 


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