Slingshot Slingwing V4 Wing


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The SlingWing V4 is the ultimate choice for riders looking for a wing to help them take their skills to the next level. Riders seeking increased control and effortless tacking with a compact wingspan for on-the-water transition or spinning on jumps. The upward lift on the nose handle provides enhanced drifting capabilities while flagging out while swell riding.


• True Tension Airframe optimized for a high-tension canopy profile.
• High-tenacity 160g/m2 FrameLITE airframe.
• HGrid Rigid Canopy Construction prevents canopy stretch and provides anti-catastrophic rip protection from your foil or in the surf.
• VersaStrut is a hybrid-canted strut design that reduces a large in-wall and provides superior strut- to-canopy connection.
• 27mm SlingGrip Aluminum Handles are ergonomically optimized.
• Pistol-grip front handle allows confident luffing and control when riding downwind
swell. ClickConnect handle attachments are tool-less; quickly and securely clicking into place.
• Reflex profile creates upward lift, making the wing feel positive in your hands while tacking and jibing.
• Weather-resistant TPU windows offer maximum durability and safety.
• Tied-in center strut bladder is secure in place, preventing blowouts.
• Compact wingspan ensures that the wingtips remain catch-free.
• One-Pump Speed System gets the wing pumped quickly.