Natural High foil center!

Natural High foil center!

Oh boy, We've got our own Foil center supplied by none other than our favorite brands like F-ONE and Slingshot. 
We support and definitely can vouch for the quality they supply. This is the reason we decided to pair up and create a testcenter, oh and of course to get you stoked on foiling!

The Foil center will be equipped with a lot of variety's in masts, foils and boards. The WHOLE F-ONE and Slingshot foil line to be exact! So more than Enough variety to equip every level of skills out there. 

Can't foil yet? We've got you! 

We'll give foil lessons everyday, well if the weather allows us.. 
The special thing about foiling is that you won't need that much wind to practice it. 

Fore more info about Kite foiling click on the button below!

Foils you might consider.

From beginner foil sets to advanced one's we've got it all! Not sure which set fits your needs? Hit us up, We'll make sure to provide you with the best possible advice or test them till you find the perfect one!


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