Foil Everyday!

Foil Everyday!

As foiling becomes more and more populair, we just can't deny the need for the deed. Like last year everyone is free to join the Foil clinics, these lessons go as follows:

A hydrofoil clinic lasts 2 hours, during these clinics we'll work in pairs with a set (kite + foil + board). We'll start with a piece of theory about kitesurf hydrofoiling, such as: material and the do's and don'ts on the water. Then it's time to get the feel and go for a practice run. Together with our highly trained instructors we know for sure we'll get you up and flying. At the end of the lesson you will have you're stoke level reaching up to ours!

A foil clinic will only cost you 50,- for two hours! 
guaranteed best advice, latest gear and maximum fun! 

Get your own Foil!

Are you totally stoked to go hydrofoiling? You can use the course fee to purchase your first hydrofoil! Of course you will receive personal advice in our shop and we'll put the perfect foil together for you. We've got all the Slingshot and F-one models in stock in the school and shop.

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