Foil Cup Holland Natural High

Foil Cup Holland Natural High

Suns out, Guns out!
What a great day to host and kick off the Annual Foil Cup Holland race. Even though it's pretty cold out there the vibe is good and the wind delivers. 

We started with the skippers meeting, rules to be explained and jokes to be made. 
Once the course made sense, it got time to get the gear ready and prepare for the race. The water is cold! More motivation to keep your board beneath your feet. 

The guys outdid them self, reaching speeds you wouldn't believe. When the wind only blew 23km an hour, these guys hit 50km an hour which means they actually went twice as fast as the wind! Imagine flying over the surface with 50km an hour, that's gnarly bro!

Anyhow, you could keep on reading this blog with my expressive words like gnarly, rad, sick and bro. But you could also watch the video! A video speaks more than 1001 words right? 

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Keep it high, keep it fly!

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