RE Brisa Women's Harness V1


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The science and testing that brought the world's first and best fitting unisex hard-shell harness now brings you the best harness for women.

Meet the Brisa- Ride Engine's first ever women's specific fit harness for kiteboarding and windsurfing. Through rigorous testing, we uncovered the optimal wrap profile and height to fit the unique qualities of the female physique. The locked-in fit around the hip allows for complete mobility, all while keeping the same scientifically, data backed Lumbar Lock shape. The Brisa is built using Curv composite material that retains a hard-shell harness feel. With the mid-flex rating acting like suspension, it smooths out the ride from choppy water to hard landings. Equipped with the innovative Unity Direct Connection system that has become the benchmark for eliminating harness spreader bar rise and twist.

*Spreader bar sold separately

Women's Sizes
X-Small, Small, Medium, Large