North Sonar Foil Set Aluminium

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Complete set from North Foils. Pick your Mast-length, and your front wing and you're ready to fly! The standard Stabilizer in this setup is the Sonar S270. This stabilizer provides a perfect balance of stability, maneuverability and speed. Find other Stabs form North here.  The Fuselage in this setup is 70cm. Comes with Foil & Mast Covers and Foil case for traveling.

Mast Choice

If you're a beginner, we highly recommend to go for the 72cm mast. This will make your learning process a lot easier and more fun. Learning jibes and even learning your tacks are nicer on the 72cm masts. This length is also recommended for prone foiling. 

The 85cm mast is for more intermediate riders.

Foil Choice

The 1850R and the 2200R frontwings are designed for the beginners that are new to foiling. These wings create a very smooth lift and have very low "stall-speeds", this means that you can fly on low speeds. These foils are very predictable and therefore perfect to start with. Go for the 1850R if you're under 80KG and choose  the 220o when you're over 80KG.

The MA Series are slightly more advanced, some skill in foiling is recommended to be able to have fun on this foils. This has to do with the projected area that the MA series are made in. They're simply smaller and this makes it harder to take-off for flight. When you're not new to foiling but want to start winging this foil might be the right choice for you. Overall the MA series are very maneuverable and user friendly foils. You don't need to be very advanced for this foils. 

The HA Series are High Aspect frontwings that provide higher top-end speeds and more glide. The thinner profile makes the foil harder to predict and to control for beginners. Also, the wide span of this wings make i harder to turn. We recommend this foils to more advanced riders that want to reach higher speeds or are looking for more efficiency. For such high-aspect wings the HA series from North are still very user-friendly and take off quite early.