Mystic Majestic Waist Harness

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The Mystic Majestic waist kitesurf harness.

This waist harness is completely different from all the other harnesses out of Mystic’s harness collection. The Majestic is a hard-shell harness. Where all other harnesses are constructed out of foam, the core of the Majestic waist harness is made out of fiberglass. This fiberglass frame results in a harness with an outstanding back-support since the fiberglass frame really supports the back instead of squeezing your body.

The Bionic Core Frame technology makes the Majestic stiff in the horizontal way, but it still allows for some torsion. This results in a harness which is stiff but still gives you the freedom of movement that you need.

Other important features of the Mystic Majestic waist harness are:

- A comfortable foamlayer on the inside of the hardshell harness.

- Mystic Battlebelt closure system which prevents that the harness will move.

- Covered Sideparts on the harness to prevent any unwanted releases from the webbing.