Malus Domestica White Lines

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Meet the  Malus Domestica! Appletree’s new allround kiteboard that eats  anything you throw at it, now in all white!

The Malus Domestica is made for the freestyler who occasionally likes to smash a wave. The product of a long search for the perfect cross over.  The wider tail template and parallel rails make it very easy to ride. It goes upwind like crazy and has a lot of direct control.  The bottom features a unique triple concave, this makes the board very stable upwind and through chop.

Board comes in these sizes: 

KHK     Width Thickness Volume Surfer weight *
5’0” 17,33 1,8” 19 L < 65 KG
5’1” 17.66” 1,9” 20 L <65-80 KG
5’2” 18” 2,” 22 L 70-95 KG
5’3” 18.5” 2,2” 25 L >90 KG


Custom boards are also available! 
Want this board in another colour? Maybe you would like other finboxes or a carbon made board. It's all possible! send us a mail with your wishes and we'll make sure you get the board of your dreams. 

The Malus Domestica is ready to be tested at the Brouwersdam!