Surf Starterpack Men

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Are you ready to start surfing this summer?

We selected some gear to get you ready for this surfseason.

This set includes the following items:

- The C-Skins Element 3/2 Back Zip

This wetsuit is designed for the summer surf and features the super stretchy XTend neoprene.

They Made the collar a bit longer so it protects your neck against the summer sun!

- Vision Takeoff

Vision designed this surfboard to let you catch as many waves as possible and make progress as fast as possible.

A strategically placed handle makes it easy to carry for everyone!

- Creatures Icon Leash

You need to make sure that you don't lose your board, this leash will make sure you never will!

- Sticky Bumps Softtop Wax

Normal wax does not always work perfactly on softboards, because softboards get a bit hotter.

Sticky Bumps made a wax that is less vulnerable to higher temperatures!


Do you have any questions about this set, feel free to contact us, or stop by in the surfshop @Ouddorp Duin