Appleflap Noseless White Lines


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The Appleflap noseless is a board for the rider that likes to ride in critical conditions. The narrow tail gives you loads of control when waves are getting more hollow and faster. This is the noseless version of the Appleflap, wich bascially means they've chopped of the nose from the traditional Appleflap. This results in a board with a tighter turning radius and less swing-weight ratio which helps you during strapless freestyle tricks. The chopped of nose has gotten a little bit of scoop preventing nosedives while dropping into a steep section. 

The relatively flat rockerline in the center of the board provides a big planing area for better upwind riding + a lot of down-the line speed. The single concave runs into a double for ultimate control while performing high speed turns. You''l love the Appleflap if you're looking for a board that rips on the bigger days, especially in holland where waves only get big in strong winds.

The Appleflap Noseless White Lines comes in the sizes:


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