AM2 Honeycomb

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The honeycomb construction of the AM2 is making the Al Merrick template of this
Futures Fin thruster set more all-round and versatile. The large base will provide a lot of drive off the bottom. The added rake of the fin gives your surfboard more hold while carving into you bottom turn and the relatively thin tip gives a nice amount of release during your top turn.

The Futures AM2 honeycomb fins specs:

Size: Large - for surfers heavier than 80kg.
Side Fins: Height: 4.73” Base: 4.64” Area: 15.98” Foil: Flat
Center Fin: Height: 4.49” Base: 4.63” Area: 15.32” Foil: Symmetrical

The Futures AM2 Honeycomb Ride Number: 4.6 Balanced