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Wingsurf packages

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Wingsurfing is a variation of kitesurfing or windsurfing designed for easier accessibility, like at a spot where you don't have any room for thro wing your kite in the air. 

By checking this blog, you might be in the market for a swing or slingwing set. You also might be curious to what this wingsurfing is all about. 

What is wingsurfing?

Wingsurfing is a variation of kitesurfing or windsurfing designed for easier accessibility, like at a spot where you don't have any room for throwing your kite in the air. This means that surfers can go on the water in almost any condition or location. The surf wing is a light, handheld kite that you position to catch the wind and propel you forward, pretty simple right?

Click here to learn all about wingsurfing + tutorial. 

We've got two wing packages to choose from;

F-one Swingers set

- F-one Swing in 4.2, 5.0 or 6.0 
- F-one Rocket wing in 5'4 (70L), 5'8 (80L) , 5'10 (90L), 6'0 (100L) or 6'6 (135L).
- F-one Gravity 1400, 1800, or 2200 plane with C300 freeride stabilizer.
- F-one 65cm or 75cm mast V2. 

Package deal: €3,225.00
MSRP:  €3,798.00

F-one Rocket Air Wingsurf Pack (inflatable)


- F-one Swing in 3.5, 4.2, 5.0 or 6.0 

- Rocket Air 5'10 or 6'6

- F-One Gravity 1800 with 65 or 75 mast

Package deal: €2,825.00
MSRP:  €3,299.00


The purpose of these package deals is to give you a better accessibility into wing surfing, since it's greatly discounted. After you master the basics and want to upgrade to a smaller size board, you're able to trade in your used board for a smaller size for great discounts on your new desired size board. 

These sets come in different sizes according to your level, weight and preferences.
If you're a beginner you'll want to take your weight and add (at least) 20 liters to it, that should be the board-volume to start with. 

For instance;

Your profile is: 1.80m, 80KG and total new to wing surfing. 
The board that probably would fit your needs is a 6'0 (80 Kg + 20L) 100L board and a larger foil. This will result in more stability and more upwards lift. Since it's a larger foil, your speed will also be reduced which only profits your learning experience. 

Like is said these sets are customizable to your level. Those with some experience, probably want a smaller board and foil. But why? A smaller board and foil result in more momentum, so when you pump it doesn't hit the water that fast. This also result in reaching higher speeds and turns. The con is that it's harder to do a waterstart with a smaller board and foil than it would be with a bigger set. 

What are your options?

You're interest in Wing surfing has grown after reading this article and you want to get started. We've got Wing clinics during the season, You can sign up anytime without any watersport experience. That the greatest feature to wing surfing. 

With buying one of the sets above you'll also get a wing surf lesson from us for free, to give you that extra boost of confident. Find more info about our Wing surf clinics here!

For more info please reach out to us, We'll definitely be able to help you out! 


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