How to wingsurf | Swing and Slingwing

How to wingsurf | Swing and Slingwing

The latest hype in foiling, and we totally get it. 
The sport is fairly new and It's current name is wing foiling or surfing.

Video below

When i saw one of these wings for the first time i didn't really know how to respond to it, it kinda looked a bit kooky. Later on, more and more photo's and video's were poppin up on my social feed's. So i took a little more interest in them, give it a fair chance before judging it. And i can honestly say that i was completely wrong about Wing foiling. It may look a bit off at first glance, but this wing foiling is so much fun.. 

Let me tell you why this will be a big part of the surfing future and your life.

First of all, You'll be able to do this with even less wind than foiling with a kite! 
Which means more on the water, which also means more fun in life. 
Wing foiling is very accessible to anyone, you don't need any wind- or kitesurf experience to do it. Sick right? 

That actually sums up my feelings for wing foiling. 


 1. Obviously you'll need a swing or a slingwing and a board + foil to match.
 2. start off on your knee's, hold the wing with both hands on one side and find your balance. 
3. Make speed and use your footwork to stand up. 
4. once, you're on your feet. Try to maintain the speed and pump your board for additional speed, which is required to get the foil going. 
5. keep your balance and have fun or shred the gnar.  

See the video below for the visual "how to get started". 

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