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Gear check Surfboards

The Surfshop Natural High gear check!

Who doesn’t know the salesmen which tells you, this car is as new and only been driven by an old lady?

We at Surfshop Natural High believe that when you buy a piece of used gear, you should exactly know what you purchased and feel 100% confident to directly start riding with your gear!
For that reason we created the: “Surfshop Natural High gear check”.
The “gear check” is an inspection protocol which gives us the ability to rate every piece of used gear, a higher rate belongs to a product with less wear and tear.

We know all the inns and outs about kite- and surf gear, this will make sure that all used items that we list online go trough a detailed inspection and will be fair priced!
We rate the value, wear and tear, repairs by following the Surfshop Natural High 17 point inspection protocol.


5 Stars: The board looks like it hasn’t even been in the water yet, it has no dirty wax on the deck and is clean. There are no sings of delimitation, or any dings on the board.

4 Stars: There are some signs of wear and tear (scratches or pressure dings). If there is a repair on the board, it didn’t absorb any water and it’s fixed by a professional board repairer.

3 Stars: The board shows some scratches and/or pressure dings, but these are all fixed by a professional board repairer. The board could also show some yellowing by the sun.

2 Stars: You found a real oldtimer here, this board has some serious pressure dings and is repaired multiple times. It has had is best time, but could still come to life once again.

1 Star: This board has been really loved by one or multiple surfers. You can see that the board has been used a lot, but it still has some fun sessions in it. 

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