Appletree surfboards board review

Appletree surfboards board review

It’s time for another one of Ted’s elaborate reviews. In this weeks episode, Appletree returns with a new set of carbon goodness!

As Ted mentioned, you’ve may have seen the Appletree Surfboards factory from our last video. This one is a more elaborate video about the boards. As you’ve noticed I like to use the word elaborate. Since it sounds smart. Oke… Now that we've got that out of the way, we can start talking Appletree business. 

Carbon is known for its durability, lightweight and steez. And the guys from Appletree took full advantage of it. Making their boards incredibly strong, probably even bulletproof. As the pro model is named after the Portuguese freestyle surfing dude. Paulino Pereira. It’s very important that the board performs as required in all conditions. The shape and construction give the board just what you need for your strapless freestyle life. Lots of pop, lightweight.. Really it’s so light you will not believe it! And crazy tough. So go for it, pop it as high as you can. I mean really go for it, this board will endure it. You’re knees.. well another story.

We’ve got two models in stock: The Applino and the Appleflap noseless. Both of them are ready for test. The Appleflap noseless comes in three different sizes the: 5’2, 5’3 and the 5’4 and the Applino comes in 5’5 and 5’7. 

Anyhow you could continue to keep on reading this blogs with lots of numbers and expensive words like elaborate. Or just see Ted’s elaborated review.

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