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    New Slingshot RPM 2019

    New Slingshot RPM 2019

    The all New Slingshot RPM 2019

    The 2019 RPM is a new animal. It’s basically the RPM that kiters have been asking for. And specifically what the dutch market has been asking for. Slingshot has heard you and they’ve adapted. Bringing their most versatile RPM on the market.

    To address the needs of the market Slingshot went full bore into updating the RPM as quickly and effectively as possible. Out of the bag the first thing that riders will notice is a new canopy profile. The 2019 RPM has a more C shape when the kite is in the sky. This is a result of new the new bridle, and the desire for more boost. The magic of the 2019 RPM comes from the flyline bridle.

    Turning, this is a huge one for the current market and the dutch market as well. Turning speed is great for all kiters and obviously for looping as well. The new bridle gives the RPM more speed than it has ever have, which is great but its also the type of turn that makes it sensational.

    Some key features of the Slingshot 2019 RPM:

    • New canopy geometry
    • New graphics (look stylish, shred stylish)
    • New canopy profile
    • New bridle
    • New rear attachment point

    All these feature’s will ensure the following specs:

    • More boost
    • More hangtime
    • More loop performance
    • Faster Turning
    • Better upwind

    Basically a whole new kite with your old trusted RPM feel.
    But like a great things in life, try it before you buy it!

    The 2019 RPM is up for testing, just give us a call or email and we’ll make sure it’s reserved for you!

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    Slingshot RPM 2019

    F-ONE Mitu Pro Flex model 2019

    F-ONE Mitu Pro Flex model 2019

    F-ONE Mitu Pro Flex 2019

    F-ONE just graced us with their latest Mitu Pro model.
    This board is indeed as sick as it looks. The Mitu Monteiro is F-ONE’s bestseller and with good reason.

    The Mitu Pro model set of features:

    • Excellent in waves and for freestyle
    • 100% dedicated to strapless riding
    • Comes in 5’2, 5’4, 5’6, 5’8 and 5’10!
    • Intuitive and playful in all conditions
    • Sick colour

    As all things are, feeling the board will do you much better than just information from our mucho stoked team. So get over here and shred the Mitu Pro Flex yourself at our testcenter. Make sure to call in advance to make sure it’s there waiting for you. And of course we’ll be here to answer all the difficult questions you could throw at us.

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    Surf to Mitu Pro!


    Mitu Pro Flex 2019


    Jelle's set of the week Nexus

    Jelle's set of the week Nexus
    Great conditions, lots of space and a beach filled with water. It just screams to be shredded on. And Jelle was there to deliver, and he did.. Showing what the Nexus has to offer. 

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    Jelle's set of the week CORE

    Jelle's set of the week CORE
    Winter is still on, well, it was. It’s the Netherlands, so you’ll never know when winter comes around and slaps you in the face again.

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