F-ONE Linx bar review

F-ONE Linx bar review

Heya peeps, welcome back to our “weekly” reviews. 

Sorry we’ve just been really busy with surf stuff.

To start the review of the F-ONE linx bar, there are a couple of things I need to put in writing in order to help you through the video. There will be a lot of numbers thrown at your face during the review, you probably won’t be able to soak it all in. Or it’s just my short term memory, which has failed me.


The F-ONE linx bar comes in:

38-45 with 20m, 22m and the standard 24m lines.
45-52 with 22m and the standard 24m lines

Then you have the WTF (Win the freestyle) bar from F-ONE, which is a 5 line bar. 
The biggest change is the big-ass freestyle loop and that the bar is a lot smaller in size. F-ONE WTF comes in

42-35 with standard 24m lines. 

Written down it’s actually pretty easy to follow. But my point was going to be:
The F-ONE Linx bar will usually be delivered with 24m lines. But the thing is, when we fly small kite’s. We would like short lines aswel. So we Kindly asked our homies from F-ONE to deliver us some shorter lines. And they did, as you could see in the line options upwards. We’re now able to get you 20 or 22m lines paired with the bar of your choice.

In any case, if you're in need of more information. Give us an mail, phone call or drop by! All these bars are up for testing art our testcenter.


F-ONE bars

Linx bar 24M

Linx bar 22M

Linx bar 20M

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