Winterlessons Wingsurf | Kite foiling | Kitesurf

Winterlessons Wingsurf | Kite foiling | Kitesurf

Winter(water)sport program

Usually many outdoor sports stop in winter. Days are shorter and weather is more extreme. The so-called winter-stop. Many people use winter holidays to travel to their favorite winter destination. But what when that destination got uncertain to go? When your yearly ski trip got uncertain? Given, that most things are stopping in winter, we decided to continue with our teaching program 7 days a week. To stay active. To show the possibility of practicing winter sports in your own country. And maybe this is finally the right moment for you to learn something new? 

The North Sea is not a paradise in winter to learn watersports. It can be rough. It can be cold. But it can be magic too. Beaches are quiet. You have all the space in the water you need. And you can protect yourself from freezing with good neoprene we offer in our Surfshop. Following one of our courses you will need certain neoprene accessories to take part. As a student we will provide you a 10% discount on neoprene accessories. Check out also our other blog winter wetsuit guide 2021 with all the information about winter neoprene.

What we offer?

For all the challengers out there, we offer a winter program. Where you can continue learning and progressing in kitesurfing. Or start a new discipline and learn what foiling is about; wingsurfing or kite foiling. The lessons will be a bit shorter, but therefore private. After the lesson, you will feel satisfied, excited about your action. And think about your next move you going to make, while enjoying a nice hot chocolate or a tasty soup from our take-away.

So what discipline are you going to choose?


We started to offer wingsurf clinics since this year. And we can say; everyone is super stoked about this way of foiling. Wingsurfing is something new. And it is for everyone. And everyone will find their own way in practicing. Some go for endless wave riding, while others just want to cruise around where you are not able to go with the kite. Because you can go wingsurfing on inland water spots too.

The beautiful thing about wingsurfing is, that it is very accessible. Accessible in terms of learning; after “get to know the material”, and first tips and tricks you can go out independently and practice. The progression is fast (okay, by most people ;)). And rather safe. You do not have lines that will cause any danger. When power in the wing is getting too much, you can reduce power very easily. The hand-held wing is light and gives you the ultimate feeling of freedom. Once you started you will get addicted.
Got excited?  
When? Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday  
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Kite foiling

Kite foiling offers a new challenge for the experienced kitesurfer. If you have the experience it is more a matter of whén you start learning it, rather than íf you will learn it. Once you start, you will get the flying experience within no-time. The Brouwersdam is a perfect spot for learning. It is also a very popular spot among foilers. Even the Dutch foilcup has been kept here.


Kite foiling allows you, to go more often on the water. You do not need much wind to have the perfect foil day. Some say that you can already start from 8knots. Learning is a bit easier with more wind. You can go out faster with lower wind and still you can downsize your kite with about 4m2, compared to twintip riding.

Let’s say; in 15 knots you will normally use a 12m2 with a twintip. And with kite foiling you can go with an 8m2 and still have enough power. So what investment are you going to make; a larger kite or a kite foil?

Kite foiling means more enjoyment in lower wind. It is about speed, flying over the water. Freedom will never feel so good and easy.

We got you?  

When? Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday  

See here more info about the course program

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Kitesurfing is already a grown-up sport. One of the great challenges is then; how to push your riding to a next level, while having fun? We can make you progress. Whether you want to learn how to jump, do a first backroll, or want to try strapless wave riding. Our experienced teachers would be very stoked to help you level-up your skills this winter.

Also, when you have no experience at all, we are there for you. Maybe kitesurfing is something you always have wanted to learn, but you could simply not find the time for it.

Is this your right moment; to progress or to start?

When? Private lessons every day, 7 days a week.

See here more info about the course program

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