Surf film festival - Big wave surfing | Surfshop Natural High

Surf film festival - Big wave surfing | Surfshop Natural High

We're organizing a FREE FILM FESTIVAL full of screenings of big wave surfing at the Houten Kaap in Ouddorp Duin, you may know it as old village dunes. There will be inspiring guest speakers and great live music, everything will be in theme with Big wave surfing. We've put together a great mix of our own films and external ones. With some snacks, drinks and funky tunes from our favorite band White Moses to complete the good vibes.

The doors will open at 7.30 PM and the films will start at 8.00 PM (19.30 - 20.00, just in case ;) ). With a full program of five short films and three guest speakers, you'll definitely be entertained. After the program it's time for some socializing, with some drinks and snacks. You'll also have the opportunity to ask us any questions you might have about big wave surfing and tow-in surfing. CASH ME OUTSIDE. 

We are really looking forward to it. See you there!

The movies:

- Chasing the Natural High
- Conor and Friends
- Misery Loves Comany
- Fatherhood
- Winter Promises

Guest speakers:
- Onno Meinen ( Big wave surfer ) 
- Clem McInerney (Filmmaker)
- Peter Conroy (Irish Tow Surf Rescue Club)

 Live music:
- White Moses

See some trailers below:

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