Manera Movie Night | Kororo - Kamchatka

Manera Movie Night | Kororo - Kamchatka

Manera's Latest film premiere at Natural High.


After showing our stokeness and
love for F-one during the Mauritius meeting,
Manera approached us with their latest film and wanted to premiere it at Natural High. 

Kororo Kamchatka
This wild movie has been shot in east-Russia, in the harshest conditions. We've seen some shots.. and boy we're as exited as a bunch of kids in a candy store.
The Manera team riders are deffinitely showing-off that their equipment can handle anything, anytime and anywhere.  

Trust me, you don't want to miss this. 

On october the 12th, we'll premiere Manera's latest film Kamchatka at our own flightzone. The premiere will start at 19.00.

During the day we'll host an testday with F-one. 
You'll be able to test all the latest gear in kites, boards, foil, harnesses and even the new slingwings. 

The testday will start at 10:00 and ends at 18.00. 
afterwards you could get a hot drink and get a seat for the movie night.

See you there! 

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