Jelle's set of the week CORE

Jelle's set of the week CORE

Winter is still on, well, it was. It’s the Netherlands, so you’ll never know when winter comes around and slaps you in the face again.

This week Jelle’s getting you familiar with his Core setup. The XR5, a flashy name for a flashy kite. More than enough to give a boost into your work week. The Core XR5 is known for its power and lift, jumping higher than your responsibilities. The wind was on.. but 9m on.. which made looping a bit hard since the Core XR5 9m is a tat too slow. For looping, Jelle would prefer the Core GTS model.

The bigger core sizes come in a LW ( light wind edition ) which gives it a different shape, made of coretex light instead of coretex tripple and smaller struts. In toddler words; a lighter kite means it’s easier to fly in lighter wind conditions. I actually didn’t know this either, but Jelle got me up to speed.

A one quiver bar, in other words the Core Sensor2+. It’s a perfect one bar option, since you’ll get the ability to change your lines from 18 to 20, 22 or even up to 24m in length. It’s all up to you mate. The Core  Sensor2+ bar also comes with some quality lines, tectanium lines… yeah, I know. What the hell is tectanium? I don’t know actually. Apparently it’s less stretchy and way more durable. For more info you should totally google it.

As for a board, the Fusion3 is called the performance allrounder. Heaps of grip, lots of control on high speed, not to stiff but still has lots of pop and rides upwind like crazy…

That’s it for now, Stay tuned and Stoked for the next setup.


Core XR5


Core Sensor 2+

Core Sensor 2+

Fusion 3

Core Fusion 3

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