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Kitesurf travelbag guide

  • 2 min reading time

We've got some tips and tricks to keep your gear safe and sound during your travels. 

Planning a trip? 
*video below

We've got some tips and tricks to keep your gear safe and sound during your travels. 

The most obvious one would be; which bag fits your needs.
To figure this out, cross the checklist: Where will i go, what gear will i take and are there any airline limitations? 

Let's start small and take the Manera Chubby light as an example. 
The Chubby is a kitebag which is 150cm in lenght, which allows you to take almost any twin-tip with you. It also comes with a great advantage, since the Chubby is only 150cm in lengt you're able to check it in as luggage instead of a boardbag. This saves lots of money. 

Manera Chubby light

Does this bag fit your needs? 

You'll want to take this bag when twin-tips are your priority. You'll be able to stuff up to 3 kites, two twin-tips, harness, bar a wetsuit and even some additional clothes or other accessoires. 
The chubby also has straps on the bottom which can make it turn it into a backpack.   

When the chubby doesn't meet your demands in terms of lenght or movability,
thats when the following travelbags might be your style.

Mystic surf pro

Mystic Squarebox

Manera 747 Boarbag

You'll definitely choose one of these travelbags when your destination allows you to twin-tip and and use your surfboard. These bags will have room for all your gear plus additional clothing and wetsuits. Click on the bags for additional info. 

You'll learn everything about these travelbags and how to pack them in the video below!

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