Natural High Talent Team: Surftrip Brazil

Natural High Talent Team: Surftrip Brazil

Flat water, 30 degrees degrees and every day wind. That sounds like a dream for every freestyle kite surfer. The idea to travel with the Natural High talent team has been around for a while, this summer dreams were turned into reality.

Under the guidance of coach Dylan and dad Peter, our talents left for the always sunny and windy Brazil this summer. For two and a half weeks, the lagoons of the small town Barra Nova were made unsafe by our young talents.
The training schedule was simple: wake up, have breakfast, kite, lunch, kite, dinner, sleep, dream about kiting. And and repeat. May sound like a bad motivation sticker. I guess these motivation speeches are based on true stories.

Not a lot of variety’s in food choices. Barra Nova is a typical Brazilian place and hasn’t embraced the blooming life of tourism yet. Of the three dining places the small town had to offer, the pizzeria was the favorite one, the local owner probably turned half of his annual turnover during our stay.
The lagoons are well calculated around 492 feet (150 meter) away from the campsite. With every tide, kite spots are evolving. Always a sick spot to shred.
The conditions were the same everyday, this made progressing for the youngsters much easier.

During the first week, the team mainly trained on learning new tricks, the time that followed was filled with filming and collecting footage for the edits. A video has been produced for each of the talents.

On the 27th of October the guys and girls from the Talent Team will be able to

display their capabilities during the Man of the Dam competition at Natural High. A full on competition with all the young guns in the kitesurf commun…… I mean world. To be the next Man of the Dam ( figuratively speaking of course girls can bring home the price aswel). 

Alright, see you in a while crocodile. 

PS: More info about the Man of the Dam can be found here: 

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