Surfboard Trade in Deal!

Surfboard Trade in Deal!

What's up folks?

With the radical growth in the surfing community, which we totally support,
we decided to help you a bit in your surfing journey.

As of the 20th of October till the 4th of november, we’ll be taking in your old boards for a great deal on your next board with a minimum of 116 George Washingtons (€ 100,-).

Still got a board which is just laying around, because the dimensions aren’t that great? Looking for an upgrade or downgrade? Whatever the reason, we don’t judge. 

This is the way it’s gonna work:
-The discount will be taken off the normal price and not the discounted price of a board!
-You get to choose from the sickest brands like: Bradley, Firewire, Libtech, CJ Nelson, Torq and so on..
-Get a fair price on the board you’ll want to trade in
-Shred the North Sea

The location of the surf deal manace will be held at our Surfshop in Ouddorp Duin (some may know it as Old Village dunes).

Westerweg 26
3253 LX Ouddorp

Stay surfin'!





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