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Slingshot 2020!

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Whats up folks, it's that time of the year again. The brand new Slingshot 2020 line. We're totally stoked about the new Slingshot gear they presented us with.

Whats up folks, it's that time of the year again. 
The brand new Slingshot 2020 line. 
We're totally stoked about the new Slingshot gear they presented us with.
Read with me through the changes they made for 2020! 

Slingshot 2020: 

  • The new Slingshot Raptor
  • The Slingshot Rally GT
  • Slingshot SST V5
  • The new Slingshot Surfboards
  • New Slingshot Twintips

About Slingshot: 

"What separates the extraordinary from the ordinary, cutting edge from customary, innovation from imitation? In kiteboarding, the answer is one simple put powerful word: Passion.
Passion is the cornerstone of why we do what we do at Slingshot kiteboarding. We are a brand founded on a love for the wind, water and the great outdoors. After more than 15 years in the industry, a true passion for genuine innovation and high-quality equipment is what motivates us to keep
pushing forward year after year."            -Slingshot kiteboarding

The Slingshot Raptor V1:

If go Big or go Home is your motto, this is definitely the kite for you. NEW to the Slingshot lineup for 2020, the RAPTOR. A big air crossover kite made for the hard-charging and high-flying riders out there. You're golden in terms of Boostability and high performance. The Raptor V1 is to be tested at our Testcenter at the Brouwersdam! 

Key features:

  • Dedicated high-performance freestyle/ freeride crossover
  • 4x4 Canopy Tech - The strongest and stiffest material on the market.
  • Tuned for big boosts, lofty airs and aggressive performance
  • Will make you at least 22% more radical than your friends.

click here for all details!

The Slingshot Rally GT V1:

The NEW Rally GT is the evolution of the most popular and versatile freeride crossover kite. The all new redesigned Rally GT definitely fills the position of Slingshots true all-riders, conditions and one-kite-wonder.
The Rally GT V1 is to be tested at our Testcenter at the Brouwersdam! 

Key features: 

  • NEW: Three-strut canopy is lighter, more agile and responsive
  • NEW: Segmented swept wingtips
  • The redesigned Rally GT is more versatile and user-f riendly than ever
  • 4x4 Canopy Tech - The strongest and stiffest material on the market

Click here for all the details!

Slingshot SST V5:

The SST V5 is the kite for rider who value things like: Immediate reaction, down the line drift and through the window speed. You'll probably would want this kite if you like surfing, foiling or just are a downwind fanatic! The SST V5 is to be tested at our Testcenter at the Brouwersdam! 

The Slingshot SST V5 key features: 

  • Tuned to fly deeper in the window for superior drift
  • Remains responsive when sheeted out, depowered and going down the line
  • Quick and reactive steering, requires minimal bar input
  • Versatile crossover performance for all-around f reeriding and foiling
  • 4x4 Canopy Tech- the strongest and stiffest material on the market

Click here for all the details!

Slingshot surfboards 2020: 

by custom board shaper, Tony Logosz

The design of each 2020 Slingshot surfboard has been updated to be lighter and higher performing than ever before. These hand build constructions are made with the thought of quality, pure surf feel and to withstand the hard beatings it would receive in the kitesurfing sport. 

Click here for more info about the 2020 Slingshot surfboards:

Slingshot Twintips 2020:

2020 Misfit-  features a new outline, tip and tail profile. This new outline reduces board drag as well as giving it a smoother release from the water. With these new improvements, riders will experience softer landings and less spray in the face which is perfect for learning new tricks. 

2020 Asylum- Slingshot has added a tip-to-tail carbon stringer to give the Asylum’s already lively wood core even more dynamic flex, spring and pop off the water. A hard-charging freestyle favorite with super hero grip and pop.

2020 Refraction- A wakestyle crossover board, designed for maximum load, boost, pop and aggressive riding in all conditions. The signature model for Slingshots team rider. The man with the  the signature model for Slingshot team rider, innovator extraordinaire and English gentleman, Sam Light 

2020 Karolina pro- the signature model of jet-setting shredder Karolina Winkowska, this twin tip is the answer to her need for a single high-performance board she can take anywhere and feel at home with no matter what conditions she encounters.

Click here for the Slingshot twintips!

 At last but definitely not least! 
The slingshot Slingwing

Is it a kite? is it a bird? No it' Slingshots Slingwing invented some years ago. Since Foiling wasn't that hyped as it is now, there wasn't that much demand for it. Now as the foil era has broken through it's getting wildy populair. It also goes well on a snowboard!  

Give us a call to test it out! More info about the Slingwing here

The perfect solution to still cruise around when a kite is prohibited.  

Turn your board into a wind powered device anywhere. 

All right folks, that's it for now. 

In need of more info about these products? Don't hesitate and give us a call!
You could also always reach out to us when you're in need of testing! 

Take care and see ya on the water!

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