Kitesurfing Harness buyers Guide

Kitesurfing Harness buyers Guide

Don't underestimate the importance of a good harness. It can make or break your session!

 What are the biggest differences between harnesses?

 To start, there are two different types of waist harnesses, on one side you have a hard-shell harness, like the Mystic Majestic series or the Ride Engine Saber series. On the other side you have soft-shell harnesses like the Mystic Warrior series or the Ride Engine Momentum series. 

 The major differences between a hard-shell and a soft-shell harness

For starters a hard-shell is way stiffer than a soft-shell harness. This means it keeps your body more in place and moves less to the side while riding hard. Next to that a hard-shell harness has a longer lifespan because it is made around a hard shell (like the name suggests). So, it won’t loose its shape.

When you put on a soft-shell it feels more comfortable, like a pillow in your back. This is because a soft-shell harness is based around a foam construction with a small shell for your back. Over time the memory foam will shape towards your back, so you have the perfect fit. The only downside of riding with a soft-shell is that over time it will lose its shape because of wearing out. If it’s worn out, you will not have any support in your harness which might result in injury’s or muscle pain.    

What is the perfect harness for you?  

For people that ride a lot we advise buying a hard-shell harness because it doesn’t lose its stiffness and shape. Next to the longer lifespan it is also way more supportive. What means that you can go out more often without muscle pain and getting tired.    

For “beginner’s” or people that only ride during holidays we advise buying a soft-shell. A soft-shell is more than good enough to learn your first steps in kitesurfing, and with this option you will safe some money for other gear ;). The benefit of owning your own harness instead of renting one is that the memory foam can shape to your back. Besides that, the quality of a rental harness is way lower than a good soft-shell.    

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