Jelle's set of the week | Foil kitesurfing

Jelle's set of the week | Foil kitesurfing

Jelle's back with a lightwind foil setup.

In today's special Jelle goes onto the water with a F-ONE foil board paired with a Slingshot SST 2018. A set you can't miss on these lightwind days. 

The set includes the Slingshot SST 2018 6M, The F-ONE Fifty one foil board and the F-ONE carbon 1200 wing with a 65cm mast.

The Slingshot SST has lots of drift and low bar pressure which gets you foiling without a kite feel involved. Besides the awesome feel it has, the drift and steez. The Slingshot SST is super responsive allowing you to manoeuvre as you please, on the F-ONE Fifty one board. Short or long turns, jibes or tacks it's all in the game. 

Besides the great feel and drift Slingshot SST might offer, your frontwing is probably the most important part of the set. In todler words, well the way they thought me. 

A big frontwing gives you faster lift with low speed, while a smaller wing would require more speed to get the lift. The F-ONE 1200 frontwing is the biggest frontwing in the Kitefoiling scene. A Lot of lift on low speed and really stable to cruise around. The F-ONE 1200 front wing gives you the abillity to ride way quiker and allows you to use smaller kites. 

In the past people learned on a minimum mast lengt of 90cm, which could get difficult. But since the foil sport improved, big brands adapted to it. Like F-ONE and Slingshot. Making better materials, so that riders could get the foil that fits them, and their needs. A short mast comes in real handy, since the shorter the distance the more stable it gets. Jelle's using the 65cm mast From F-ONE. A mast high enough to not be bothered by the choppy waters when the winds picks up. 

"It gives me lots of stabiity and a cruisey surfy feeling " 

For more info about any Foil setup you've got, hit us up. 


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Slingshot SST

Slingshot SST 2018


F-ONE Fifty one


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