F-one Foil Testing Day

F-one Foil Testing Day

We’re proud to announce the F-ONE foil testing days hosted by Natural High.
On Sunday, depending on the wind. The F-ONE foil testing days will start at 10.00 and will end when the wind get’s too strong. 

With F-ONE’s latest technology in foils and kite’s to be seen in action! In this edition of the Natural High testing days, All the latest gear from F-ONE will be displayed. Foils from 510 up to 1400! 45cm till 90cm masts, the complete new 2019 board collection, new Bandit 2019 and the Breeze V2 will be flown in full glory. You name it, and it will be presented.

Experienced foilers can try out all the gear, for beginners there will be clinics available, more info on the spot.


North side of the Brouwersdam beach! Event site will be marked with F-one flags and a tent. And of course a bright range of foils, Kite’s and boards on the beach.

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