F-ONE Foil designer at the Brouwersdam!

F-ONE Foil designer at the Brouwersdam!

Hey there!

We're happy to announce that on april the 5th Charles Bertrand will be attending our flightzone for a crazy informative foil lecture. Charles will be explaining the many principles of foil surfing like: 

  • How does a foil work: explanation of technical terms: pitch, glide and stall.
  • What are the most important characteristics of a foil
  • What effect these characteristics have on freeride, race, surf and sup.
  • All about F-ONE foils
  • And much more! 

In short, you'll learn everything about foiling and F-ONE ride-able gear. 

Click here to purchase your ticket to happiness

See Jelle shredding on the F-ONE V1 600 foil set.

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