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Das Schiff 2.0

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We present the biggest kite- and wingsurf outlet in the Netherlands "Das Schiff". With the tastiest german beer flowing the whole weekend!


of the year

Das Schiff IS BACK after the success of our parodie of ‘Die Boot’, we are finally back after two years of pandemic ;)

Everything is getting more and more expensive these days so there's no excuse not to visit us or our website for the upcoming Easter weekend. 


What's for sale?

We will be hosting one of the biggest kite & wing surf outlets of the year, where we will sell our test center gear, including kites, bars, twintips, kitesurf boards, foils, wings, wingfoil boards and more. And we will have extra deals on already discounted items;

  • Extra discount on used gear collection: kites, wingsurf, kitesurfboards, foils, wings, wingboards and more (in-store only). 
  • Extra discount on new gear: All 2021 and older gear extra discounted in our special “Das Schiff Collection” (online and in-store). 


  • Kites
  • Twintips
  • Kitesurfboards
  • Control Bars
  • Kitesurf Sets
  • Harnesses


  • Wingfoilboards
  • Wings
  • Foils
  • Wingfoil sets


    @ Brouwersdam, Flightzone

    The best bargains on test center, used gear and new gear (2021 and older) you will find at Surfshop Natural High, Brouwersdam. There will be one big area at the Flight Zone dedicated to bring you the best: 


    Used gear we offer in store only! But we will have live streams to show you what we got for everyone that can't come over. Make sure to follow us on our socials @surfshopsurfshopnaturalhigh to stay up to date. We have a crew of professionals standby to answer all your questions and make the best offers by phone, email or whatsapp.

    Special discounts on new gear (2021 and older) you will find online and is available to order online in "In das Schiff Collection". 


    Saturday 16th april from 11:00 until 17:00

    Sunday 17th april from 11:00 until 17:00

    Monday 18th april from 11:00 until 17:00


    See you then! 

    You better be quick, we may run out of stock on items in no time. 


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