Couple Coaching

Couple Coaching


It’s time for another romantic kite session for two, grab your significant other by the waist, wrist or ankle's and guide them to the Couple Coaching. Hosted by our favorite kite duo Roderick and Jalou. Don’t miss these bonding kite moments with the love of your life.

Roderick and Jalou will be here to bring your kite skills to another level, with lots of tips and tricks. While you’re out there on the sea smoothing through the water into your lovers eyes. Roderick and Jalou will keep busy looking at your posture, technique and flaws. In order to help you improve where needed, their like modern council therapists. Since science has proven that couples which kite together, stay together. And shred more, way more.

The day will start with a meet and greet with Jalou, Roderick and the other lovebirds. While enjoying a healthy but full of nutrition's breakfast, you’ll get to know each other and the day will be explained. When the cows and calves have been discussed, it’s time to suit up and have a romantic walk on the beach towards the sea. Once you start doing the tricks you would like to learn, Roderick and Jalou can spot on where the improvements could be made. And give advice where necessary. Also video’s will be made. After the first round (duration: 2.5 hours) it’s time for a lunch with the group and discuss the session with video analysis. In round two it’s time to get the words to the deed, another 2,5 hours of shredding with lots of tips, advice and love from our couple coaches.

Sign in for the Couple Coaching on the 4/5 or 11/12th of august, depending on the conditions.

The Cost will be 150 euro P.P

Click here to sign in.

Catch you on the water!




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