Kitesurf starter pack

Kitesurf starter pack

You've just finished your kitesurf course, but you're still swimming in the deep. All these choices, which brand, which size, new or used?? We get it, the pressure gets too high. Therefore we made these sets for you. 

These sets will include the latest kites and boards from top notch brands we support like: Slingshot and F-one. Even though it's advertised as a starters pack, these equipment will definitely do you well the coming years.  

These sets go as follows: 

You buy one of the kite above + bar and pump. 
And get one of these boards + pads and straps for free!


Are these sets a bit above your budget? 

We've got that covered too! 
Let us know what you're looking for and what your budget is, and we'll try to find the best fit for your needs!

All the kites and boards are up for testing, want to know for sure which sets fits you the best? 

Try it out at our testcenter! 

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