Slingshot Kite Foil Set

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Slingshot has always been involved in the development of foiling worldwide. This set has got some different options to choose from.
When you're a total beginner into kite foiling we recommend to go for the 120 Dwarf craft board in combination with the Hoverglide Fkite Foil, this setup will get you flying very easily and direct fun is guaranteed. What we like about the Hoverglide series from Slingshot that everything is modulair, this means that if you ever plan to start another foil sport, you only have to buy another front-wing to be able to do the other foilsport. 

When you're looking for i bit more high performance we recommend to go for the Phantasm foil in combination with the Dwarf-craft board. The size of the Dwarfcraft is dependent on your weight and level. The Phantasm foil  comes with a very stiff mast and full carbon Front- and rearwing.
The shape of the phantasm foil offers a great balance between speed an turnability. Ride waves, cruise around or jump higher. This foil will do it all.

We do understand that all those options might be confusing to you. Please get in touch with us if you're not sure about what option to go for. We are happy to help you.