F-one Swing V2 Wingfoil set Hard-top

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Nice and complete set from F-one! F-one was one of the first brands fully committing to Wingfoiling and this is the reason why F-one is still one of the leading brands in wingfoiling.  This set comes with Wing, Foil and board included. 

F-one Swing V2 wing 

The main unique selling point of this wing is its weight. This Wing is so light and balanced that you will almost not feel it when keeping in in pre-flight. This makes you able to stay out on the water for longer. The long handles of the wing make it easy to trim and the power distribution will feel smoother compared to stiff handles. The stability and weight of this wing are making it perfect for the beginning to intermediate riders. Choose the size of your wing dependable on your weight and the type of winds you're planning to ride in.

F-one Rocket Wing ASC 

The Rocket wingboards in ASC construction are a little wider compared to their standard rocket wing boards. This offers a little bit of extra stability before getting on the foil. The ASC construction is very durable, this makes that when you're ready for the next step (smaller board) it will be easy to resell the board afterwards. If you're a beginner F-one recommends to choose 20-30Liters volume above your weight. So when you're 85KG, the 110 Liters will be the perfect choise. 

F-one FCT FOiL

The FCT foils from F-one are designed to create an affordable and user friendly start for everyone out there. The thick profile of the wings create a lot of lift and provide low stall-speeds. Choose the Gravity series when totally new to watersports & foiling. This is by far one of the easiest foils to learn foiling on. When you have some experience in watersports the Phantom foils are recommendable. 

Every foil comes standard with the 75cm aluminium mast. 

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