F-one Rocket Wing ASC + F-one FCT Foil

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Great setup for a reasonable price.

The F-one Rocket ASC is a wing foil board that can be used in a wide variety of conditions by a wide variety of riders. The short and wide shape of the Rocket ASC is making the board very stable in pre-flight and super playful in flight. 

It comes with a grab handle for easy carrying and protection rail taping to make it last.

The F-one FCT foils are foils with a good performance for a reasonable price.

The Gravity series are designed to offer stability and lift at low speeds. This makes it a forgiving user friendly foil which is great to progress on. Recommendable foil when you're not experienced in foiling yet.  Go for 1800cm2 when under 82KG. 

The Phantom foils are a little bit more advanced in comparison to the Gravity foils but still very easy and forgiving to ride. Best choice when you're already used to flying on a Hydrofoil.