Core Nexus 2

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The Core Nexus 3 is out now and in stock contact us for a good deal on the last stock Nexus 2. 

It doesn't matter what you're up to, riding down-the-line or going out for an exciting freestyle session. The Core Nexus 2 will do it all. Using the proven three strutted Future C-shape of the Section2 combined with the sportiveness of the GTS Core has made this kite a true all-rounder. 

The Nexus 2 comes with wider tips and lighter "exo-tech-light" struts. This results in improved steering and turning and a better down-wind drift. The wider tips in combination with a lighter strut construction also improved the relaunch of the Nexus in lighter winds. It's even possible to relaunch this kite in reverse!

The "CIT" which stands for Core Intelligent Trimsystem makes it possible to change the characteristics of the Nexus from freestyle to freeride or wave. 

CIT Modes - Nexus 2 CORE Kiteboarding


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