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      Futures fins

      Future Fins is one of the two most innovative fin brands when it comes to building fins. What a lot of people don`t know, is that fins are a very important part of your quiver. When you are unsure about the performance of your surfboard it is considerable to try some other Future Fins or FCS fins. This can totally change the performance of your surfboard.

      When looking for a new Future Fins set, it`s important to do some research in fin shapes. The first question that you have to ask yourself is: which fin characteristics do I want? When you figured that out, you have to find out which kind of shape (template) fits the best into the wished characteristics. After that you decide what kind of foil you`d prefer. Future fins has 4 types of foils: Flat foil, V2 foil, V foil and tow foil. Every foil has got it`s own characteristics. Third important thing about fins is the flex. A stiffer set of Future Fins will be more responsive but hard to turn while flexible fins turn easy but can kill drive if they are too flexible. Not sure which set of Future fins fit the best into your needs? Just give us a call or visit us at the Brouwersdam for our expertise.

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