Over the last two winters, Martijn, Jelle and some local Ouddorp surfhomies travelled around the famous coastlines of Cape Town, South Africa, in search of the best  spots and conditions. Cape Town Kitesurfing it is!! 

Around the beginning of Autumn, the good old question starts popping in our heads again: what's the best spot to escape the cold European winter this time? Kitesurfing in Cape Town was an easy choice. Besides kitesurfing, we are stoked about surfing and windsurfing here as well. And just like us, most surfers are aware what’s happening here in summertime; heaps of wind called ‘the Cape doctor’.

Every morning we wake up wondering what the day will bring us! Using sites like Windguru, Windfinder and Magicseaweed will give you a pretty accurate idea about the swell and wind predictions for that day. However, every morning is a surprise; you never know when the wind is going to kick in. We have a pretty sweet daily routine: surf in the morning when the wind is still sleeping, go for a brekkie, and then wait for the clouds to move over the Table Mountain to bring us wind! Adrenaline is taking over and we want to hit the road as fast as we can. Most of the time we start with an “one hit wonder session” at Sunset Beach. On days like these we travel with the wind. It usually comes from the East and continues in strength during the day. Mostly in less than an hour we get blown of the water with our 8 or 6m2 Slingshot Wave SST. When this happens, we know it's time for some serious action and we get super stoked to rip our favorite spot, Haakgat. Besides these for us "regular" days, we like to break our daily routine in search of unique spots which only works on occasion. If it does, the reward is big, our smiles a bit wider and the memory even sweeter. Cape Town is not only good for surfing, but is amazing for parties and exploring Mother Nature as well. We did some serious hiking, and even though our legs were sore for a couple of days, we can totally recommend it! Cape Town, sweet memories garanteed!  


- Freestyle windsurf session at the Brandsvlaai -

Hope we got you as stoked enough to enjoy the winter in Cape Town, South Africa, yourself.
PS: beer tastes damn good in the African sun ;)
Stay high!
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