Appletree factory tour

Appletree factory tour

Instead of just receiving a new shipment from Appletree Surfboards. The guys decides to just hit the road and visit the Appletree factory unannounced. But Jelle got cold feet and called first.

I can remember it as yesterday, the sun shining no wind and love in the air.. Also a huge traffic jam, so big that Jelle decided to leave the car and us behind. Then walked straight towards the Appletree factory.  As we arrive we’re greeted warmly, like the weather. But not my girlfriend.. she’s ice cold. The tour stars and we listen attentively. Which means really focused. At least i think… I google translated it.

In the quest of making the best and most durable boards Wieger and Jorrit designed Appletree Surfboards. As all the great products, you’ll need a dedicated team, lots and lots of research and a vision. Well they did, and it payed off. And so the Appletree Surfboards is forged. From fiberglass and carbon materials their boards are whats up. Literally their boards are so light..

But also pretty strong. They design and build their own CNC machines, which lets them shape their foam the way they want it. To build a great board you’ll need great materials. The foam which is used to craft a board is incredibly strong and extremely waterproof.

“The foam is fused with the shell using our unique technique. Using the U-stringer we have complete control over the flex pattern. The PET Honeycomb finishes the board, but it’s not there for looks, although it looks killer. It provides optimal dent resistance where you need it most.”

Source: Appletree Surfboards

Unfortunately we were not allowed to see their way of doing that stuff described above, you know.. Secrets and stuff. Anyhow we received our carbon Appletree Kitesurfboards. Which looks pretty sick.

Stuffed Ted’s car and drove back to Natural High. As I’m writing this blog the boards are being prepared for testing.
curious to feel the ride? Come check them out at the Natural High test center.  As always till next time.


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 Applino Full carbon


Appleflap noseless full carbon

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