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      Kiteboard twintip

      In kitesurfing a kiteboard twintip is the most used type of board. It is called a twintip because of it`s symmetrical. We know it`s hard to see differences between kiteboard twintips, but at our own testcenter everyone is free to test all of the boards that we have in stock. And so are we, that`s why we do see differences between kiteboard twintips and we`d like to make you see and especially feel the differences between them.  So feel free to pass by our shop or to give us a call if you have any questions about a kiteboard twintip.
      Airush Switch Airush Switch - 20%
      From €376.00 €470.00
      Airush Apex Airush Apex - 20%
      €408.00 €510.00
      Slingshot Misfit 2020 Slingshot Misfit 2020 - 25%
      From €449.25 €599.00
      F-one WTF!? 2020
      From €590.00
      Airush Switch V10 Airush Switch V10
      From €529.00
      Airush Apex V6 Airush Apex V6
      From €549.00
      Slingshot Asylum 2020 Slingshot Asylum 2020 - 25%
      From €449.25 €599.00
      North Prime North Prime - 25%
      From €374.25 €499.00
      North Flare North Flare - 8%
      From €598.50 €649.00
      Brunotti Fusion 2017 Brunotti Fusion 2017Sold Out
      From €425.00 €849.99
      Slingshot Vision 2019 Sold Out
      From €395.50 €565.00
      Airush Diamond Sold Out
      From €543.20 €679.00
      F-one Trax ESL 2020 Sold Out
      From €340.00 €425.00
      F-one Trax Essential 2019 F-one Trax Essential 2019Sold Out
      From €297.50 €425.00