Slingshot Wingsurf set Inflatable

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This is the perfect set for you if you want to have fun from minute 1 after hitting the water. The LTF board in this set is so big that you will always be able to stay on the board even without balance. It can be used as wingsurf and wingfoil board making it perfect for people that just want to have fun and learn with ease. Set includes a wing, a foil and the board complete with travel bag for the board. This board doesn't take a lot of bootspace. 

The Slingwing V3

Very user friendly wing, It creates a lot of power which is helpful to get foiling early. The long handles make it easy to find the perfect trim, when you feel having a little bit too much power on the front-arm just just grab a little bit more forward and the other way around. This makes the ride very comfortable.  

The Phantasm E Series Foil

The E in E-series stands for Easy. This is what the E-series is, it is designed to provide a smooth lift and low-stall speeds. The thick profile of the E series wings make them very forgiving and predictable. The end-speed of this foil when pushing the limit is quite impressive too.

The Slingshot LTF Board 

This inflatable board has got all you need when you're a total beginner. It has a lot of volume which provides heaps of stability. The included "sword-fins" make it possible to surf this board without the foil underneath. This is perfect for people who are totally new to wind-watersports. It comes with 1 keel-sword find and 2 twin fins to mount in the foil track. When being able to ride up and down the beach you can replace the fins for the foil and start focussing on learning to foil. This board has simply got it all. 

This set includes a bag for the wing, Foil & Mastcovers and a foil travel-bag for packing. 

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