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The inflatable Wingfoil set from North is perfect for beginners or for people that don't have a lot of space left in their house or car or boat. The stiff inflatable boards almost feels like a hard-top board but has the advantage that it is packable and it doesn't damage your boat when taking a break while on anchor. The set comes with wing, foil and board. A complete set to get flying!

Norh Seek Air Board

Designed with forgiving performance rails and a sharp release tail for effortless take-offs and touchdown recovery, the Seek Air features North's unique Carbon Sandwich Transfer (CST) base with DropBox fast foil mounting. This is a really helpful features for mounting your mast to your board. Also, this stiff plate makes your inflatable board feel like a hard-top board.

The larger 5’9/6’2 sizes are supplied with a removable tail fin, so you can focus on winging, before adding a foil. All boards come with strap inserts.

To find your ideal volume/board size, add +30-40 litres for beginning rider or +10-20 litres for intermediate to your rider weight (kg).

North Nova v2 2022 wing 

The Nova V2 is a compact wing with a lot of forward pulling power. The compact shape is keeping the tips from the wing from the water and makes it easy to handle. The forward pulling power helps to generate speed to get to taking-off of the tot the foil. The nova V2 comes with rigid mini-boom handles for direct control and power-distribution. Choose your size depending on your weight and the wind-speeds that your planning to go out in. 

North Sonar Foil Series

The Frontwings where you can choose from are both designed for beginning foilers that are willing to progress. We'd recommend the 1850R when your weight is under 80KG and choose the 2200R when you're over 80KG. Despite te fact that these foils were designed for beginners, it is still possible to have heaps of fun and get a lot of speed out of these foils. 

Setup comes standard with a 70cm fuselage, a 72cm Aluminium mast and the S270 Stabilizer. Foil & mastcovers and travel bag is included!